New pics

 A male Red-footed Falcon/Aftonfalk at Skanörs ljung 02/05/2019.

A Marsh Tit/Entita at Hammarsjön, Kristianstad 26/03/2019.

An unusual species for Scania: a Great Grey Owl/Lappuggla in Snogeholm 17/03/2019.

Pictures of Black Redstart/Svart rödstjärt, Mediterranean Gull/Svarthuvad mås and Spotless Starling/Svartstare from a trip to Andalusia in February 2019. You can find more pictures on Southern Europe

Carrion Crow/Svartkråka - an unusual species for Sweden. 05/01/2019, Skanör, Sweden 

Some of the spices I saw during a trip to Cape Verde in December. You can find more pics on Atlantic Islands.

Eurasian Pygmy Owl/Sparvuggla 26/11/2018 Alnarpsparken, Lomma.

Some of the spices I saw during a trip to South Africa this autumn. You can find more pics on Africa.

Red-footed Falcon/Aftonfalk 25/08/2018 and 01/09/2018 Skanör.

Aquatic Warbler/Vattensångare 16/08/2018 Södra Flommen, Falsterbo

Paddyfield Warbler/Fältsångare 24/07/2018 Södra Flommen, Falsterbo

Common Redshank/Rödbena 19/06/2018 Tysjöarna and Whimbrel/Småspov Ånnsjön 21/06/2018 Jämtland

Yellow Wagtail/Gulärla 20/05/2018 Vombsjön