New pics

Pics taken today (04/11/2020) of a late migrant: Common Greenshank/Gluttsnäppa

Greater White-fronted Goose/Bläsgås, Winter Wren/Gärdsmyg and Black-headed Gull/Skrattmås. Pics taken 12/10/2020 in Skanör.

Some pics taken 18/09/2020 in Skanör: Wood Sandpiper/Grönbena and Northern Wheater/Stenskvätta.

Common Sand Martin/Backsvala taken at the lovely island Visingsö in  August 2020.

An increasingly common species in southwest Sweden: Common Stonechat/Svarthakad buskskvätta. A pic taken in Skanör.

Pics of White Stork and Little Ringed Plower taken at Vomb.

A pic of Ruddy Turnstone/Roskarl taken at Ljunghusen.

From a trip to Risen, Genarp: Long-tailed Tit/Stjärtmes and Black Woodpecker (male)/Spillkråka (hane)

One of the two Little Auk/Alkekung I saw in Båstad Harbour. This is the smallest of all Auks vi have in Sweden.

I was looking for Pine Grosbeak/Tallbit in Alnarp Park. Instead I found a completely different species: Eurasian Eagle Owl/Berguv.